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Are You Eligible for Bill of The Month Club?

Kaiser Health News is asking people with an outrageous or egregious medical bills to send it to them - it could help solve the problem of how the general public is being screwed by the whole American healthcare system (as explained in Elisebeth Rosenthal's wonderful, information packed book American Sickness - How Healthcare Became Big Business and…
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Gun Violence is a Public Health Issue

Every mass shooting, especially at schools, prompts anguished cries and call to action. For a start, lets at least change the rules forbidding this to be looked at as a public health issue. [caption id="attachment_2505" align="alignnone" width="720"] Visiting a School Near You Sometime Soon?[/caption]   As a native of a country (UK) where it’s almost…
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I’m Feeling Like A Patient

This was my latest monthly column in the Free Lance-Star on January 28th. The more heretical books I read about how clinical trials can be misleading, the more skeptical I get about being able to make a rational, informed decision about medical treatment/interventions.      Despite my idyllic, relaxed retired life in the country, the old blood…
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Chastised for Researching Your Illness?

I'm looking for some good examples of people who have caught grief from their doctor(s) for having the audacity to research their own illness - and perhaps bring print outs for their doctor to review.   Any good stories out there?   [caption id="attachment_1147" align="alignnone" width="300"] Is he unhappy about you researching your own issue?[/caption]
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