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You Think All Screening Tests Must Be Good?

Getting medical screening tests must only be a good thing, mustn’t it? It might find some cancer or other condition that would be missed otherwise? [caption id="attachment_2615" align="alignright" width="836"] What The Wags Call "An Acute Remunerative Procedure."[/caption] What this idea doesn’t take account of is that testing can lead to, not only pain, anxiety and…
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Is the AMA Right in Saying Medical Aid in Dying is Incompatible With a Doctor’s Role?

There is currently strident debate in Virginia about legalizing medical aid in dying.* Recently the American Medical Association has reaffirmed it’s code of ethics, saying “physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer.” [caption id="attachment_2611" align="alignnone" width="980"] She Wants to Die With Dignity[/caption] Several states have passed legislation to legalize medical aid…
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Comfort For You Tipplers

[caption id="attachment_2606" align="alignright" width="678"] Not As Bad As You Think[/caption] Here’s good news for those of you who like an occasional tipple – or even those who drink regularly.   The recent paper in the Lancet suggested any amount of alcohol is bad for you.   Before that I had always comforted myself, as I sipped…
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Scaring Your Patient Sick

I seem to be hearing a lot of stories of people being stressed out because their provider has, unnecessarily, put the fear of God into them. [caption id="attachment_2594" align="alignnone" width="530"] Is He Putting the Fear of God in You?[/caption] Friend Jane (not her real name), a 69 year old diabetic was being checked out for…
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