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Willing Pre-owned Pills to Your Children

One of the high points of a recent trip to New Orleans (and that is a city where high points are the norm) was a visit to the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. In the course of a theatrical and hilarious presentation about the murky past of medicine in this city that is a blend of…
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Are You Being Treated by the Right “Gardner”?

A version of this was first published in Front Porch at     Any gardener worth his or her salt knows the best way to grow disease free, healthy plants is to give them the right conditions. Good soil, lots of nutrients, water, light. Maybe even a little love?   [caption id="attachment_2340" align="alignnone" width="752"]…
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How You Can Know Making Medical Decisions

The latest twist in men’s prostates is very opportune.   I should of course say the latest twist in the long and acrimonious debate about whether men should be screened for prostate cancer by measuring their prostate specific antigen. By doing a PSA blood test. Is very opportune. [caption id="attachment_2322" align="alignnone" width="540"] A Much Debated…
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