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Second Opinion On-Line

It’s not so uncommon to want or need a second opinion – especially if there’s doubt about what’s wrong with you or you are being told you need some particularly invasive surgery or poisonous chemo therapy for example. [caption id="attachment_2468" align="alignnone" width="852"] Get the Expertise You Need From Anywhere in the World[/caption] The problem is…
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Countering the Couch Potato Culture

I hurt in muscles I didn’t even know I had. This because I have abandoned running/ walking around the property as exercise, and have finally joined a gym – choosing Planet Fitness for their “no gymtimidation” philosophy . In my “Design Your Own Program” I consult with Kali, one of the trainers, whose, trim but…
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Question About Payment to Doctors

  Hey Patrick (cc Dad)   My Dad and I just looked up my sleep doctor and the government site for tracking “payments” to doctors from pharmaceutical and equipment companies, and were shocked to see his numbers… $56,000+ in the year 2016 alone. Take a look at   What we don’t understand is what form…
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