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The Obamacare “Dead Zone”

Great article in the NY Times magazine handed out at the Moss Clinic board meeting, about people caught in the "dead zone" who are too poor to get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (there is a lower income limit) who were expected to get Medicaid - but the Supreme Court decision allowed Republican…
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Marijuana – The Panacea

It would appear that marijuana is the panacea that all those dope-heads think it is.   The Washington Post reports that in the 17 states where medical marijuana is legal the average doctor prescribed 265 fewer doses of antidepressants; 562 less anti-anxiety medicines; and 1,826 fewer doses of pain medicine. And may I dare to…
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USPSTF Tries to Keep Doctors Out of Your Pelvis

Many women will be happy with the USPSTF – that learned body that reviews medical interventions and decides which are worthwhile. They have come out with a draft recommendation that I know will please many of my patients. To stop doing yearly pelvic exams.There are 63 million pelvic exams performed per year at a cost…
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