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How Adverse Childhood Experiences Make You Sick Years Later

Adverse Childhood Experiences I was not giving much thought to the childhood experiences of the disheveled old guy I was treating for emphysema and excess alcohol consumption at the clinic the other day – but I should have been. What Happens To Her Now Can Affect Her Health When She's Old This realization was brought…
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Blue Christmas

Is depression commoner over the holidays? Who is more vulnerable? it has a beneficial side. My own experience of Blue Christmas prompts me to explore the why's and wherefores.

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Nevada and Nebraska “thinking Outside the Coffin”

It’s good to see Nevada and Nebraska Department of Corrections thinking outside the box.   Outside the coffin you might say. [caption id="attachment_2487" align="alignnone" width="699"] San Quentin State Prison in California, home of California's death row, where infamous criminals such as Scott Peterson and Richard Allan Davis are kept.[/caption]   It may sound a bit…
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