Getting effective, error free, affordable healthcare is challenging.

Managing Your Doctor is here to help.

Getting effective, error free, affordable healthcare is challenging.

My goal is to help you step outside the traditional role of passive, unquestioning patient and show you how to take control of your (or your loved one’s) medical care.

Be assertive. Join the growing movement of medically emancipated patients who are not content to sit by when their health is at stake.

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    I’m worried that my curmudgeon is showing. That I’m being bad tempered and old fashioned because I’m having a bit of challenging being expected to tell people what pronouns I use. Declaring…

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    Two recent conversations with friends and a meeting of the End of Life Conversations (EOLC) group that I co-host, has got me thinking about end-of-life issues, and preparations. And when to call…

  • The Patient Who Insists There’s Something Wrong . . . But You Can’t Find It.

    Good friends Steve and Janet Watkins started 'Pi and Chi' - an on line publication. I was honored to be asked to write something for it I wrote about one of…

  • Christmas Traditions

    Traditions are a big part of many people’s lives. But during Christmas and the holidays this particular quirk of human nature is especially important. Growing up back in England a particular Christmas…