About Dr. Neustatter

Belle Hill in Corbin (Caroline County) Va. celebrates its 200th birthday on Saturday, June 13, 2015. (Photo by Robert A. Martin)

Dr. Patrick Neustatter and wife Paula
Photo by Robert A. Martin

I am a British-born, board-certified family physician who has been motivated to write this book and create this website by the madness of the American healthcare system.

My education started at a “do-as-you-please” progressive school in England, that encouraged free thinking, self sufficiency, and fair play. I went from there to the rather traditional but prestigious Guy’s Hospital – part of London University – graduating in 1970.

I worked temporarily in many different countries before coming to the US 1982 where I completed a residency in Family Practice at SUNY at Stony Brook’s University Hospital.

Of my 40-year career I have spent the last 24 of them “in the trenches” as a primary care doctor in Virginia. Here I also acted as visiting assistant professor in family medicine for the University of Virginia, mentoring medical students. I have also always had an interest in medical writing, and write a monthly health-related column for two local newspapers.

I retired from full-time practice in 2010, and became volunteer medical director of the Lloyd Moss Free Clinic in Fredericksburg Va.

I live with wife, Paula, on 30 acres of “jungle” in Virginia, where our principal hobby is yard work (somewhat by necessity). I have two wonderful, but grown, daughters.

This somewhat checkered education and career path has prompted me to realize the idea that “the doctor knows best” isn’t always true. Or that “best” may not always what’s in the patient’s best interest.

Being an informed, involved, and motivated patient can make a huge difference to the outcome of your (or your loved one’s) healthcare.

This website and my book are my attempt to provide the information people need to take charge of their own health.


I read this book after receiving a copy at an author signing in Fredericksburg, at Riverby Bookstore. What I like most is the colloquial writing style – it’s very reader-friendly, almost conversational, while still including a lot of very useful information about making medical choices, and being an informed medical consumer. And I love that Dr. Neustatter is approachable – he has a website, managingyourdoctor.com, where he writes columns on topics related to his books and on current medical events, and he even answers questions written in by readers. I suggest, if you’re considering buying the book, checking out the website first. You will see Dr. Neustatter’s writing style and get a feel for what the book is about (though the book goes into much, much more depth on all of the topics than the website ever could).


In today’s world of high health care costs, Dr. Neustatter shares how to become an empowered patient. As an end result, you’ll receive better care more appropriate to your needs and better manage your health care resources. He shares many good stories and information from his many years in practice. The book is comprehensive, and may be a little overwhelming as a “how to” manual. I hope in future updates he provides concise checklists or summaries at the end of each chapter that can be used for reference