Patient Horror Stories

C.J. didn’t realize the Coumadin his GP prescribed was the same thing as the warfarin a doctor at the hospital clinic had him on. He took both until he bled out and had a stroke.

Jeff had marked shortness of breath with sharp chest pain. He was nearly killed by the pulmonary embolus—a blood clot in the lung—an incompetent ER doctor kept treating as bronchitis.

Ashley was unemployed and struggling financially. She didn't know the lab her OB/GYN sent her to was out of her insurance network until she got the bill for $250.

These are just three of endless stories my own patients have told me (incidentally, there are plenty more examples in my book).

Every day, more patients become victims of medical errors, astronomical healthcare bills, insensitive or incompetent healthcare providers, stupid systems and practices, ongoing failure to get the right diagnosis, inappropriate prescriptions, treatments that do more harm than good, and their own lack of good information.

If you have a healthcare horror story to share, use the Contact page. If I publish it, I'll do so anonymously, without any identifying information. Hopefully, people can learn from your experiences and possibly be spared the same misery.

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