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A Photographers No-Holds-Barred Experience of Breast Cancer

Currently in London, and yesterday made a sortie to the Welcome Institute.  Jo Spence Pulls No Punches Went to Misbehaving Bodies– an exhibit bringing together the works of photographer and film maker Jo Spence and Oreet Ashery, “two artists who whose work explores chronic illness and experiences of care” A no-holds-barred and confrontational look at how…
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Is the AMA Right in Saying Medical Aid in Dying is Incompatible With a Doctor’s Role?

There is currently strident debate in Virginia about legalizing medical aid in dying.* Recently the American Medical Association has reaffirmed it’s code of ethics, saying “physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer.” [caption id="attachment_2611" align="alignnone" width="980"] She Wants to Die With Dignity[/caption] Several states have passed legislation to legalize medical aid…
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Doctors are “Radically and Catastrophically” Wrong About Benefit of Tests

[caption id="attachment_2589" align="alignright" width="585"] Gross Over Estimate of Usefulness[/caption] Great article in Washington Post on October 5th by Daniel Morgan, an epidemiologist at University of Maryland School of Medicine how doctors are “radically and catastrophically wrong” about how useful a medical test will be and how “many thousands of patients are diagnosed with diseases they…
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