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Legislators Force Dying Patients to go on Suffering

The Virginia Senate recently denied the ability of terminally ill patients to foreshorten their suffering. This was the consequence of a recent vote on a bill proposed by Senator Ghazala Hashmi to legalize medical aid in dying (MAID). The bill failed to make it out of Committee.  I wrote about MAID (where a doctors can prescribe…
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From Emergency to Common Sense Healthcare.

Never coy about running my mouth, and as someone involved in providing primary care to an underserved community through the Moss Clinic, I was pleased to be asked to participate in a panel discussion of problems with primary care access in “the time of COVID.”  More Than Just Picking Up Trainwrecks A discussion that introduced…
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How Scared Should We Be of Covid Variants?

We news consuming public are an impressionable lot and are easily scared. The media talking heads are good at winding us up – by talking about how COVID-19 mutations may be more virulent or more transmissible than the original, for example. It's All a Matter of Mathematics But, as with any medical issue, deciding how…
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