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Art Work to Support the Art of Medicine

I’m reaching for some cheesy double entendre about artwork on the walls supporting the art of medicine.  This because, once again, artwork on the walls of Sammy T’s is going to help us practice the art of medicine at the Moss Free Clinic where I am medical director. The Fine Dining Place That is Helping Moss Clinic Moss is…
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Listen to those “Bat-Shit Crazy” Conspirators

I had a patient once. He thought the neighbors were pumping poison gas over the fence. Everyone just accepted that he was bat-shit crazy and didn’t take too much notice of him. They May Seem Crazy But Hear Them Out Now claiming conspiracies seems have come a bit of a fashion. They are being spread…
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The Health Benefits of Granchildren

This is what I wrote this month for Front Porch. The horrors . . . .er I mean the benefits of grandchildren. Linley has come to stay. And her being here is meant to be good for me. Let me explain.  Linley is my nine-week-old granddaughter. She is staying in our guest cottage as a…
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