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A Deadly Disease People Don’t Know They’ve Got

The guy I saw the other day was there with a twisted ankle. “So” he asked, “why did the nurse need to ask me about my blood pressure and if there’s diabetes in the family?”  What's You're Blood Sugar? It didn’t have much to do with his ankle it’s true, but what he didn’t know…
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Feeding The Food Insecure in Fredericksburg

This is what I wrote for Front Porch for November The mantra for ‘The Table’ - a Fredericksburg program that provides free produce to whoever needs it – seems to be “whole person health.”  They are taking care of the spirit as well as the body. Run by St George’s Episcopal church, and staffed by…
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Not So Pro On Probiotics

The American Gastroenterological Association is souring on the idea of probiotics. “The public assumptions about the benefits are not well founded” notes Dr. Grace Su, professor of gastroenterology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, lead author of new guidelines on probiotics just published by the AGA in the June 9 journal Gastroenterology.   Some Gruesome Foods…
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