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Don’t Trust Your Doctor or Pharmacist: Check Those Prescriptions

  A study shows dangerous combinations of drugs are prescribed and dispensed. You need to know how to protect yourself.   [caption id="attachment_1801" align="alignright" width="600"] If You Have Misgivings About How Diligently He Checks for Interactions - Read This Post[/caption] A recent investigation by the Chicago Tribune warns of the danger of adverse drug reactions…
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Marijuana – The Panacea

It would appear that marijuana is the panacea that all those dope-heads think it is.   The Washington Post reports that in the 17 states where medical marijuana is legal the average doctor prescribed 265 fewer doses of antidepressants; 562 less anti-anxiety medicines; and 1,826 fewer doses of pain medicine. And may I dare to…
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USPSTF Tries to Keep Doctors Out of Your Pelvis

Many women will be happy with the USPSTF – that learned body that reviews medical interventions and decides which are worthwhile. They have come out with a draft recommendation that I know will please many of my patients. To stop doing yearly pelvic exams.There are 63 million pelvic exams performed per year at a cost…
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