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Don’t Be Like One of Shakespeare’s Fools. Get Vaccinated

This is what I have written for Front Porch for October - but getting on people for not getting vaccinated is such an urgent issue, Virginia Grogan (the wonderful editor of Front Porch) gave me the OK to post it now. Wading in on a subject that has already received so much attention - but…
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Trump Was Right About One Thing

There’s not many things I agree with Donald Trump about. But the vaccine being what will save us from the COVID pandemic is one. There is a catch, however. If enough people don’t get it, we won’t get herd immunity and it won’t save us. The Magic of Immunization I'm doing my bit. You need to do…
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Anti-vaxxers Threaten The Herd Immunity

[caption id="attachment_2405" align="alignnone" width="446"] A Noisy Reason to Get Him Vaccinated[/caption] Herd immunity may make us sound like a bunch of cows, but it is an important phenomenon in the field of vaccinations. You get herd immunity when you vaccinate enough of the population that the illness can’t get a foothold. Widespread use of measles/mumps/rubella…
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