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Why an AR-15 is So Lethal

  [caption id="attachment_2524" align="alignnone" width="632"] Picture by Lisa Marie Payne A/P - published in The Atlantic[/caption] A radiologist who treated kids shot at Stoneman Douglas High School explains in this chilling report the devastating effects of an assault rifle compared with typical guns, and makes a convincing argument for why they should not be available…
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Hypocrisy Over the Death Penalty

It was a coup for Buzzfeed to unmask the wicked compounding pharmacy that has been supplying Missouri Department of Corrections with pentobarbital for executions – but to my mind, the real story is the hypocrisy of being so clandestine about the tools, if you have decided it’s OK to execute people.   After years of…
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Does Our State Legislature Have a Neurological Deficit?

Neurology has a wonderful lexicon of terms for when the brain malfunctions in some way. You might get a clue to some neurological disorder when the patient is perseverating (he or she keeps repeating a word or phrase).   Or if they are confabulating (a disturbance of cerebration where the person comes up with fabricated…
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Are You Eligible for Bill of The Month Club?

Kaiser Health News is asking people with an outrageous or egregious medical bills to send it to them - it could help solve the problem of how the general public is being screwed by the whole American healthcare system (as explained in Elisebeth Rosenthal's wonderful, information packed book American Sickness - How Healthcare Became Big Business and…
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