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Scaring Your Patient Sick

I seem to be hearing a lot of stories of people being stressed out because their provider has, unnecessarily, put the fear of God into them. [caption id="attachment_2594" align="alignnone" width="530"] Is He Putting the Fear of God in You?[/caption] Friend Jane (not her real name), a 69 year old diabetic was being checked out for…
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Doctors are “Radically and Catastrophically” Wrong About Benefit of Tests

[caption id="attachment_2589" align="alignright" width="585"] Gross Over Estimate of Usefulness[/caption] Great article in Washington Post on October 5th by Daniel Morgan, an epidemiologist at University of Maryland School of Medicine how doctors are “radically and catastrophically wrong” about how useful a medical test will be and how “many thousands of patients are diagnosed with diseases they…
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Redemption on Caroline Street

I’m tempted to lead with some bad joke, like Christian Zammas is exchanging hard drugs for soft. It is true. He has gone from using hard drugs to peddling soft one(s) - caffeine. [caption id="attachment_2584" align="alignnone" width="725"] This[/caption]   All brought about by a sort of epiphany that has motivated him to gather up people with…
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The Hypochondriacle Downside of the Apple Watch 4

Call me skeptical, but the new Apple Series 4 watch, touted as having a “serious role as a clinical health tracker” makes me worry that it’s going to fire up the hypochondriacs. [caption id="attachment_2577" align="alignnone" width="707"] A Cool New Gadget[/caption]   About to be on the market, the watch has improved heart rate sensor; a…
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