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A Deadly Disease People Don’t Know They’ve Got

The guy I saw the other day was there with a twisted ankle. “So” he asked, “why did the nurse need to ask me about my blood pressure and if there’s diabetes in the family?”  What's You're Blood Sugar? It didn’t have much to do with his ankle it’s true, but what he didn’t know…
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Confusing Christmas in Australia

Australians are confused when it comes to Christmas.  I know this because I was down-under once, doctoring at Christmas time – following my great grandfather’s footsteps, who was an Irishman/doctor who got a wild hair and emigrated to Australia in the gold rush of the 1850’s - on the same boat many of his fellow…
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Feeding The Food Insecure in Fredericksburg

This is what I wrote for Front Porch for November The mantra for ‘The Table’ - a Fredericksburg program that provides free produce to whoever needs it – seems to be “whole person health.”  They are taking care of the spirit as well as the body. Run by St George’s Episcopal church, and staffed by…
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The Morality and Insanity of Drug Prices

In my role as medical director of the Moss Clinic, I present a “mission moment” case. This because these honorable volunteers on the board are mostly from other industries, and this provides some understanding of the kinds of issues our patients bring us. This case was C.M., a 45 year old African American with Crohn’s…
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