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COVID-19 And Masks: My “Yard Husband” Needs A Dope Slap.

I was talking to my good buddy from down the road who helps with a lot of yard work projects – who my wife, Paula, refers to as my “yard husband.” We were having a coffee at Dishman’s corner store, recovering from a grueling hour of work – laying down two slabs of slate to…
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The COVID-19 Surveillance We Are Ignoring

Sometimes you hear of a brilliant idea and are thinking “why isn’t everyone jumping on this?” A Smart Thermometer to Detect COVID-19 Early When it’s an idea that could have a major impact on the spread of COVID-19, it’s even more frustrating that the powers-that-be aren’t implementing. I am talking about the Kinsa Health atypical…
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Gladiators Nursing Corona

I took my life in my hands the other day - wanting to see how things are on the front lines of the COVID-19 epidemic.  Grace and I with our defensive gear To do this, I went and shadowed Grace Frye one of the nursing team on 2 South - the unit that has been…
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Is The Cure Worse Than The Problem?

It is a fiery debate that is raging over what is the right thing to do about COVID-19.  Are we underestimating this virus. Has it yet to show it’s true colors, as did the Spanish flu of 1918 as it came back in far more lethal form. Or is “the cure worse than the problem”…
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