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Biorhythm Blues

A visit to the Prime Meridian in London, and the consequent jet lag, has got me thinking about time zones and circadian cycles - and how when they’re out of sync it screws you up.  Walking the Prime Meridian (where you can stand with one foot in the western hemisphere and one in the eastern)…
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Commendations for the Care Partner Project

As a doctor advocating for people to be able to optimize their own healthcare, I find The Care Partner Project really seems to stand out. Founder, Director and Certified Patient Advocate Karen Curtis, like so many other advocates who are prompted by personal experience of how healthcare can go wrong, has seen the need -…
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Stop A Stroke

Every 40 seconds someone in the US suffers a stroke. About a fifth of those die. The others suffer what some might be considered a worse fate – like the 45-year-old guy I saw the other day, shepherded in by his brother because he could hardly walk. Unable to speak, and with a feeding tube…
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Medicine Safety Tips form The Care Partners Project

This is a post from The Care Partner Project - a great organization that looks out for patients:, The World Health Organization is focused on medication safety this year. Why? Common medication mix-ups cause thousands of deaths every year in the US, alone! Let's keep you and your family safe! Keep these tips in mind.…
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