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Don’t Delay the Call to Hospice

Two recent conversations with friends and a meeting of the End of Life Conversations (EOLC) group that I co-host, has got me thinking about end-of-life issues, and preparations. And when to call hospice in particular. One conversation was with a friend whose 93 year old husband was in hospital with multiorgan failure and sepsis. She…
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Christmas Traditions

Traditions are a big part of many people’s lives. But during Christmas and the holidays this particular quirk of human nature is especially important. Growing up back in England a particular Christmas day tradition was for my sister Angie, and I, was to go with our psychiatrist father to do “rounds” at St Ebba’s Hospital–…
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innovations and High Tech Gizmo’s in Medicine

A new year prompts me to look at new medical technologies – high tech gizmos to keep us healthy. There are many innovations in many different fields but those likely to impact the most of us are:  The Brave New World of Medical Innovations AI and ML Artificial intelligence and machine learning - in many…
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