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Listen to those “Bat-Shit Crazy” Conspirators

I had a patient once. He thought the neighbors were pumping poison gas over the fence. Everyone just accepted that he was bat-shit crazy and didn’t take too much notice of him. They May Seem Crazy But Hear Them Out Now claiming conspiracies seems have come a bit of a fashion. They are being spread…
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Trump Was Right About One Thing

There’s not many things I agree with Donald Trump about. But the vaccine being what will save us from the COVID pandemic is one. There is a catch, however. If enough people don’t get it, we won’t get herd immunity and it won’t save us. The Magic of Immunization I'm doing my bit. You need to do…
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The Health Benefits of Granchildren

This is what I wrote this month for Front Porch. The horrors . . . .er I mean the benefits of grandchildren. Linley has come to stay. And her being here is meant to be good for me. Let me explain.  Linley is my nine-week-old granddaughter. She is staying in our guest cottage as a…
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Bat-Shit Crazy Conspirators

This was the column I wrote for the Free Lance-Star on Sunday November 29th - except my opening paragraph said the guy thinking poison gas was being pumped over the fence by the neighbor was "bat-shit crazy." But I guess we have to respect the sensitivity of the FLS readers. I had a patient once.…
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