Christmas Traditions

Traditions are a big part of many people’s lives. But during Christmas and the holidays this particular quirk of human nature is especially important. Growing up back in England a particular Christmas day tradition was for my sister Angie, and I, was to go with our psychiatrist father to do…

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Biorhythm Blues

A visit to the Prime Meridian in London, and the consequent jet lag, has got me thinking about time zones and circadian cycles - and how when they’re out of sync it screws you up.  A Mean Time Wife Paula and I are just back from a long-postponed visit to…

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Stop A Stroke

Every 40 seconds someone in the US suffers a stroke. About a fifth of those die. The others suffer what some might be considered a worse fate – like the 45-year-old guy I saw the other day, shepherded in by his brother because he could hardly walk. Unable to speak,…

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Americanizing the NHS

On a recent trip home to England – long delayed by COVID – I was disturbed to see a trend in healthcare there. To see US healthcare being exported to the UK. Or British medicine being Americanized. Socialized Healthcare Healthcare in Britain has, until recently, been provided almost exclusively by…

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