There are many influences that impact our health. Certainly poverty is associated with poor health – but it seems the shock of suddenly becoming impoverished is a health hazard of its own.   Researchers at Northwest University looked at the finances and health of 9,000 subjects between 51 and 61…

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Why an AR-15 is So Lethal

  A radiologist who treated kids shot at Stoneman Douglas High School explains in this chilling report the devastating effects of an assault rifle compared with typical guns, and makes a convincing argument for why they should not be available for sale – as well as asking; Why the ban…

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The Computer Will See You Now

  Patients complain enough already about the intrusion of IT into the consulting room. How the doctor spends all his time “looking at the damn computer.” But an audiobook I’m “reading” and a new research project from Stanford make me wonder when there’s going to be nothing but a computer.…

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