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End of Life Decisions Not So Easy

Every couple of months for the last couple of years, a group of mostly elderly Unitarians gather around the board room table in the Moncure Conway room at the Unitarian Fellowship building in Fredericksburg and talk about how they’re going to end it all. It's Hard to Know Not how they are going to take…
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Not So Pro On Probiotics

The American Gastroenterological Association is souring on the idea of probiotics. “The public assumptions about the benefits are not well founded” notes Dr. Grace Su, professor of gastroenterology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, lead author of new guidelines on probiotics just published by the AGA in the June 9 journal Gastroenterology.   Some Gruesome Foods…
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COVID-19 And Masks: My “Yard Husband” Needs A Dope Slap.

I was talking to my good buddy from down the road who helps with a lot of yard work projects – who my wife, Paula, refers to as my “yard husband.” We were having a coffee at Dishman’s corner store, recovering from a grueling hour of work – laying down two slabs of slate to…
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The COVID-19 Surveillance We Are Ignoring

Sometimes you hear of a brilliant idea and are thinking “why isn’t everyone jumping on this?” A Smart Thermometer to Detect COVID-19 Early When it’s an idea that could have a major impact on the spread of COVID-19, it’s even more frustrating that the powers-that-be aren’t implementing. I am talking about the Kinsa Health atypical…
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