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How Scared Should We Be of Covid Variants?

We news consuming public are an impressionable lot and are easily scared. The media talking heads are good at winding us up – by talking about how COVID-19 mutations may be more virulent or more transmissible than the original, for example. It's All a Matter of Mathematics But, as with any medical issue, deciding how…
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Are Pharmacy Benefit Managers Increasing the Cost of Your Medicines?

You’re probably sick of reading about COVID-19, and all the ways it can stress you out. So instead let me bring to your attention a different healthcare issue for you to fret about.  An issue that epitomizes the way healthcare is being taken over by business entities, whose priority is to make money, more than…
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Art Work to Support the Art of Medicine

I’m reaching for some cheesy double entendre about artwork on the walls supporting the art of medicine.  This because, once again, artwork on the walls of Sammy T’s is going to help us practice the art of medicine at the Moss Free Clinic where I am medical director. The Fine Dining Place That is Helping Moss Clinic Moss is…
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Safety Considerations with COVID-19 Vaccination

In response to the nurse at the clinic I work at asking what to tell patients who are calling with concerns about getting vaccinated against COVID -19, I put this together. Safety Considerations with COVID-19 Vaccination Although the vaccine for COVID-19 has been produced in record time, it uses a technology that has been around…
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