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Stop A Stroke

Every 40 seconds someone in the US suffers a stroke. About a fifth of those die. The others suffer what some might be considered a worse fate – like the 45-year-old guy I saw the other day, shepherded in by his brother because he could hardly walk. Unable to speak, and with a feeding tube…
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Medicine Safety Tips form The Care Partners Project

This is a post from The Care Partner Project - a great organization that looks out for patients:, The World Health Organization is focused on medication safety this year. Why? Common medication mix-ups cause thousands of deaths every year in the US, alone! Let's keep you and your family safe! Keep these tips in mind.…
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An Arrhythmic Coffee Klatch

I am part of a group of old farts (the “Coffee Klatch”) who meet once a week to shoot the breeze. But being old, the topic often turns to health and the conversation degenerates into something of an organ recital. Prostate, bowel, joint or kidney problems – almost any organ.  But the one that seems…
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The American Gun Culture is the Problem

The trouble with America is the Americans. Maybe that’s not a very gracious way to talk about the citizens of my host nation. But Americans, or their gun culture, is what I see as the gun problem in the US.  It is the culture in the US that seems to tolerate school massacres – as well as…
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