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The Morality and Insanity of Drug Prices

In my role as medical director of the Moss Clinic, I present a “mission moment” case. This because these honorable volunteers on the board are mostly from other industries, and this provides some understanding of the kinds of issues our patients bring us. This case was C.M., a 45 year old African American with Crohn’s…
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Don’t Be Like One of Shakespeare’s Fools. Get Vaccinated

This is what I have written for Front Porch for October - but getting on people for not getting vaccinated is such an urgent issue, Virginia Grogan (the wonderful editor of Front Porch) gave me the OK to post it now. Wading in on a subject that has already received so much attention - but…
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The Biter Bit – They Want Me to Take Blood Pressure Medicines

When my doctor told me my blood pressure and cholesterol are too high, and I jokingly told him “that’s a problem, because my three favorite food groups are salt, fat and alcohol,” he still rolled his eyes and looked disapproving.  Worse, he told me he wants me to take medicines.  That's About My Reaction Now…
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New Alzheimer’s Medicine: Trick or Treat?

This was my latest column for the Free Lance-Star on Sunday June 27th. The FDA’s approval of a new drug to treat Alzheimer’s Disease has prompted a lot of hope. But also prompted three members of the FDA’s advisory committee to resign. Will the New Medicine Stop This?  Aducanumab, marketed by Biogen and Eisai by…
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