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The American Gun Culture is the Problem

The trouble with America is the Americans. Maybe that’s not a very gracious way to talk about the citizens of my host nation. But Americans, or their gun culture, is what I see as the gun problem in the US.  It is the culture in the US that seems to tolerate school massacres – as well as…
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Americanizing the NHS

On a recent trip home to England – long delayed by COVID – I was disturbed to see a trend in healthcare there. To see US healthcare being exported to the UK. Or British medicine being Americanized. Socialized Healthcare Healthcare in Britain has, until recently, been provided almost exclusively by the National Health Service (NHS)…
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Legislators Force Dying Patients to go on Suffering

The Virginia Senate recently denied the ability of terminally ill patients to foreshorten their suffering. This was the consequence of a recent vote on a bill proposed by Senator Ghazala Hashmi to legalize medical aid in dying (MAID). The bill failed to make it out of Committee.  I wrote about MAID (where a doctors can prescribe…
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