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“Missionary Position” the title given to my writeup of exploits in Zimbabwe.

The early afternoon sun was blinding as we stepped out from the Medical, Dental and Allied Professions Council office in Zimbabwe’s capitol, Harare. My wife Robin and I were elated.  I was brandishing an elegantly calligraphed, temporary medical license. The last hurdle between me and my fantasies of being another Albert Schweitzer – and taking…
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Old Fart Companionship, and Super Aging

If you go to Eileen’s Bakery and Café at 10 am on a Friday morning, you will see a bunch of old farts, myself included, sitting around the table, shooting the breeze.  And helping to make us “Super-agers.”  A disparate group that includes retired college professors, civil servants, an ex-coastguard, a photographer and more. We…
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There’s More Important Issues Than Methadone Clinic Location

I am prompted to weigh in in on the reaction of the residents to the idea of Concerted Care Group wanting to repurpose a Dollar General store in the Woodlawn Shopping Center in Stafford and make it a methadone clinic.  We have read, here in the Free Lance-Star, of fraught meetings where concern has been…
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Electronic Medical Records – Made for Profit not for Doctors

I was talking to my sister on the phone the other day. I told her, “You know, even though I’ve been at it all these years, I still get a little spazzed out about going to see patients” – which I now do at the Moss Clinic. Then I thought about. I corrected myself. “You…
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