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Find Information Your Doctor Doesn’t Know on Patient Forums

One of the cheesy maxims I lay on my patients all the time is “information is everything.” For you to be able to oversee your medical care, you need to know what you’re dealing with. You need to know about your disease (the other vital information is for you and your doctor to know about you.To…
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A Business Opportunity Seen Through a Colonoscope

You could say I got lucky the other day. It was time for my colonoscopy – which bawdy comedians talk about as “the garden hose” (it maybe about the same thickness, but is not actually50 feet long).   What The Wags Say is Sometimes "An Acute Remunerative Procedure." This was a routine screening, done at the Surgery…
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Eating a Credit Card a Week

A study by the University of Newcastle, in Australia into the whole business of contamination of the world by plastic microparticles claims we ingest around 2000 a week – which is the equivalent of a credit card. I Like to Eat it With a Variety of Dishes Commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund, it was…
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