Chastised for Researching Your Illness?

I'm looking for some good examples of people who have caught grief from their doctor(s) for having the audacity to research their own illness - and perhaps bring print outs for their doctor to review.


Any good stories out there?


Is he unhappy about you researching your own issue?

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  1. My Dr. Scoffed when I asked her to explain the findings on the report of MRI and CAT test results...saying: "patients shouldn't look at those...they cannot possibly understand them." But then she did point out the spots which purportedly showed the cancer...I was very annoyed, and still curious!
    • Obviously you know nothing, are not supposed to know anything and the doctor always is the brightest and knows what they are doing. Yours is not to question them.
  2. As a nurse many of us google and do research after a doctor gives us the diagnosis if we do not tend to agree with it. I was chastised when I was referred to a specialist after having major back surgery and ended up with complications. I now suffer from nerve damage in my bladder and rectum, among other areas. The pain is excruciating. Even a pain pump of Morphine did not ease the pain. He removed the Morphine and now I am on Prialt and it is not helping. The next step next week is to add Morphine. He totally disagreed with me with my findings. I found out yesterday that I was correct with my findings and now am waiting to see a specialist at John Hopkins that deals with Peripheral Neuralgia.

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