Healthcare Doesn’t Need to Be So Expensive

When you can't afford the product, you look for something cheaper. The same can apply to healthcare if our dysfunctional politicians would come to their senses. Click here to read what I wrote in the Free Lance-Star




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  1. They say you get what you pay for....When you can not afford prescription after prescription ....You end up with the kind of Prescription drugs that do not work very well or are more risky than the ones you can buy privately....I have a Thyroid problem and T3 is something that helps so many people ....they can afford to buy it privately ...but I can not....Those that can afford it are much improved to the point they can hold there Jobs....I can not afford it so I have lost mine....Those who can buy it are being monitored and being given lots of support ....When I see my GP....he tells me I don't need it ..when I know I do....

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