Chastised for Researching Your Illness?

I'm looking for some good examples of people who have caught grief from their doctor(s) for having the audacity to research their own illness - and perhaps bring print outs for their doctor to review.


Any good stories out there?


Is he unhappy about you researching your own issue?

2 Responses

  1. My Dr. Scoffed when I asked her to explain the findings on the report of MRI and CAT test results...saying: "patients shouldn't look at those...they cannot possibly understand them." But then she did point out the spots which purportedly showed the cancer...I was very annoyed, and still curious!
  2. As a nurse many of us google and do research after a doctor gives us the diagnosis if we do not tend to agree with it. I was chastised when I was referred to a specialist after having major back surgery and ended up with complications. I now suffer from nerve damage in my bladder and rectum, among other areas. The pain is excruciating. Even a pain pump of Morphine did not ease the pain. He removed the Morphine and now I am on Prialt and it is not helping. The next step next week is to add Morphine. He totally disagreed with me with my findings. I found out yesterday that I was correct with my findings and now am waiting to see a specialist at John Hopkins that deals with Peripheral Neuralgia.

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