Sobernauts Take Control

Providing a powerful tool for a subset of medically emancipated people who want to be in control of one particular aspect of their healthcare, social sharing website Reddit has come up with a virtual AA meeting for alcoholics.

This message board is “a place to motivate each other to control or stop drinking” claims the site – where there are innumerable posts from enthusiastic participants.

Contributor Done 2016v2 tells how at a dinner party “I turned down a drink poured just for me.” 3v3ryt1m3 waxes philosophical with the comment “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

It has some intriguing features, like the Ka-Ching section that keeps track of how much money any individual has saved, and the total sum for all the participating “sobernauts” together ($2,297,505)

Could be a less smoky alternative to actual AA meetings, but may not provide quite the emotional support that being face to face with your troubled brethren will do – though there is a real-time, live chat facility.

Anything and everything that can help people be in control of their drinking – or of all aspects of their healthcare come to that - is good in my book. Check it out at

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