Stress As a Cause of Illness Recognized


Serendipity is an interesting phenomenon.

Carolyn, at the clinic has been getting on me about Trauma Informed Care – the idea that being threatened oneself with injury or death, being molested, neglected or severely stressed, or witnessing this in someone else, can have profound effects on mental and physical health.

A phenomenon that is often overlooked.

She threatened to have “further discussion” at a dinner party she was planning, when I suggested this was rather too touchy/feely for me.

Then I get an email from Lynne, another friend with an interest in childhood trauma (due to her own experiences, I am lead to understand). She sends me a link to an organization ‘ACES Too High’, promoting a new video made by two academics working with Public Health Wales, UK.

ACE’s are “adverse childhood events” – and is very much along the same lines as TIC.

Maybe I am insufficiently informed and not taking this seriously enough? It’s just interesting the way the same concept seems to crop up at the same time in different places.*

For real in depth info’ about TIC there is a book: Modern Community Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Approach edited by Kenneth Yeager, David Cutler, Dale Svendsen, and Grayce M. Sills

Or ACES Too High is at

*The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, England, which has a weird and wonderful collection of archeological and anthropologic stuff – including shrunken heads and gruesome primitive medical equipment – is a celebration of how the same ideas cropped up in different, completely isolated, communities in different parts of the world at the same time.

A sort of manifestation of a common collective consciousness like Jung’s “collective unconsciousness.”




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  1. Is that considered a 'pre-existing' condition under the House 'healthcare' bill?
  2. Interesting question. You can probably make a good argument for about ANYTHING being a preexisting condition - if you're an insurance company.
  3. See my comment on your blog. And, I graciously did not put you on the spot at the dinner party! Mostly, because I believe under your skeptical facade, there is a heart for understanding the role of trauma and stress in illness, and so there is.

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