More Mindful-ness

Mindfulness seems to be very much in the news at the moment. It has become the “therapy du jour.”

I wrote a brief post (see post on Mindfulness Stress Reduction ) following a service at the local Unitarian Fellowship by a Dr. John McLaughlin who teaches MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction).

Then I took a trip to Boston, and seemed to hear about mindfulness everywhere – in multiple mainstream newspapers; as magazine cover stories; being used in prisons and the military; I met with friend Nancy, who works at Harvard, who told me the faculty is running mindfulness programs there for the staff.

Today there was another program at the Unitarian Fellowship, by John Two-Hawks talking about the Native American perspective on mindfulness.

I just wrote more about it, and colleague John, in the local newspaper.

Remember, just because it’s becoming fashionable, doesn’t mean it’s not a good thing to know.

It’s good to be mindful of mindfulness.

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