Daily Thought: Believing In Diseases – or Not

One day in the office, there is drama going on in the adjacent pod.

Dr. G’s nurse, Maryanne, was near to tears and furtively asking Debie, the office manager, what she thought she should do.

Dr. G, a relativly new recruit, tall, markedly overweight, with the fragrence of a neglected laundry basket, and about as much charm, had told her “get Mrs. Horowitz out of here, I don’t treat people with fibromyalgia.”

Putting aside the totally unprofessional, unfair, strategy of dumping it on your nurse to tell the patient the doctor won’t see them, it got me thinking about the whole business of “believing” in this or that illness.

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity, chronic Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, intestinal yeast infections, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, “low T” (testosterone), low vitamin D, irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia are all illnesses that I have heard doctors claim they don’t believe in.

I always thought believing was something that applied to fairies or Santa Claus. You would think this or that disease either exists or doesn’t.

But you’d be naive.

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