How Food Industry Feeds the Drug Industry

There’s been a dramatic increase in the number of medicines people take – almost 60% of adults take some kind of medicine, and the number taking five or more has nearly doubled since 2000.

Eight out of ten of these medicines are used to treat conditions associated with obesity and bad diet like diabetes, and high cholesterol (most popular drug in the US is the statin drug Zocor, which is taken to lower cholesterol, and use of statins has risen 10% over the last decade).

Increase in older patients and Medicare, plus aggressive TV marketing has driven some of this, notes The Week, November 20, 2015. But primarily it’s because of the epidemic increase in obesity they say. Which in turn is caused by the junk food industry.

Pointing out what a great symbiosis this is between the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry. What a great business promoter the food industry is for the drug industry, Yale University nutritionist is quoted as saying “we aggressively peddle foods that propagate illness, and drugs to treat the illness that ensues.”

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